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Statewide Interlibrary Loan: reQuest ILL Code

reQuest ILL Code

General Information

Definition - Interlibrary Loan [ILL] is a transaction in which library material, or a copy of the material, is made available by one institution to another institution or registered individual, upon request.

Purpose - The purpose of ILL is to obtain material for registered library users.

Scope - Participating libraries should have their own ILL policies and procedures in addition to this code.

General Responsibilities

Collection Development - ILL is not a substitute for collection development.

ILL Policy - Every library will have an online ILL policy which it regularly updates.

Publicity - Every library has an obligation to publicize its ILL service so that its users are aware of it.

Reciprocity - Libraries in Connecticut must be willing to lend items via ILL if they wish to borrow via ILL.

Shipping - Materials should be packaged to prevent damage in shipping. Libraries using CONNECTICAR [C-Car] will comply with C-Car guidelines for shipping / packaging materials

Staff Training - Every library is responsible for training ILL staff on the operation of automated Interlibrary Loan systems in use at their library.

Responsibilities of Borrowing Libraries

Citations - The borrowing library is responsible for providing the proper bibliographic citation for each request for an item which is not in the reQuest database.

Copyright compliance - The borrowing library must ensure compliance with the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) and its accompanying guidelines.

Costs - Libraries should make their users aware that they may be responsible for lending, document delivery, or other fees which may be levied by the lender.

Load-leveling - The reQuest system will distribute requests as evenly as possible so that libraries are not over-burdened. If libraries are submitting requests via a template on the reQuest system, libraries should distribute requests as evenly as possible.

Loan periods / recalls - The borrowing library is responsible for honoring loan periods and recalls on borrowed materials as set by the lending library.

User notification - The borrowing library will notify the user in a timely manner when the material arrives.

Placement of requests - ILL requests may be placed by library staff on behalf of the user or directly by the user.

Renewals - The lending library's policies determine whether an ILL may be renewed.

Responsibility for ILL items - The borrowing library is responsible for materials from the time they leave the lending library until they are returned to that library.

Restrictions - The borrowing library will comply with any restrictions placed by the lending library on the use of the materials borrowed.

Turnaround time - The borrowing library will submit the ILL request in a timely manner.

Responsibilities of the Lending Library

Citation information - If the item being requested is not in the reQuest database and the borrowing library has made a good faith effort to provide complete bibliographic verification, the lending library will make every attempt to fulfill the request.

Lending policies - The lending library will clearly state any conditions, costs, and/or restrictions of use; and will indicate the loan period of the item.

Turnaround time - Lending libraries will respond to requests in a timely manner.

Responsibilities of the User

General information - Interlibrary Loan [ILL] should be used to obtain materials not available in your local library. Library users must adhere to the ILL guidelines set by both the borrowing and the lending libraries.

Copyright compliance - Library users are responsible for compliance with U.S. copyright law and its accompanying guidelines.

Costs - Library users are responsible for compensation for damage or replacement of Interlibrary Loan material while it is checked out to them.

Return of ILL items - Interlibrary Loan items must be returned to the library where they were checked out so that the borrowing library can clear its records.

Approved by the reQuest Board, May 6, 1998.
Revised; 1/7/99. Revised; 5/2/01


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