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Guide to using U.S. Census (Federal) material at the Connecticut State Library, both Historic and Current

Census Resources

Connecticut Census Index, 1790-1850

The State Library's Census Index covers the US censuses for Connecticut, 1790-1850 (excluding New London County in 1790). It is an index of heads of households, 1790-1840, and all individuals for 1850. (From 1790 to 1840 only the head of the household was named in the actual census; beginning with the 1850 census, all members of the household were named.)

Entries are arranged alphabetically by name and within that alphabetically by town and then by date. The slips show census year, name, age, number of family members, and town. At the bottom of the slip are given a town name and volume and page numbers. These refer to the state copy of manuscript census schedules housed in the State Archives, which fall under the Guidelines on Use of Restricted Original Archival Records.

Page numbers for index entries 1790-1830 generally match the pages of the National Archives microfilms; however, most 1840 and 1850 citations do not match the microfilms. Therefore, although the State Library's slip index is useful in determining names, numbers of individuals in the household, and town of residence, in the case of the 1840 and 1850 censuses it is also necessary to check the published census indexes available on the History Reference shelves.

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