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Guide to using U.S. Census (Federal) material at the Connecticut State Library, both Historic and Current

Census Data for Connecticut: Select a Year

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Connecticut Census Statistics - Other Resources

The United States Census Bureau provides access to digital copies of statistics for the decennial censuses (1790-2010). The Bureau's Factfinder allows you to search for very detailed statistics from recent census years, as well as estimates and projections. The University of Virginia Library's Census Browser includes federal census data from 1790-1960 for all states and counties.

Census Bureau Site Organization

Note from Census Bureau regarding organization of website and why links may stop working:

"** Publications released after June 23, 2014 can be found at our new site - Please update your bookmarks.
We are also migrating these documents on a flow basis. If you come across a broken link for a PDF, try searching for it in the new library site. **

Some users have reported difficulty opening links within the documents. Try opening the document using Internet Explorer or download the full document and open it locally. "Help with the [YEAR] Census" links do not work and will be eliminated during the migration."

Please contact the Connecticut State Library if you need further assistance locating the Decennial Census information. We have a significant amount in print you may use here in our building, or we can help you locate it online.